About Lacey and the foundation she inspired 

   " I wish all the kids here at the hospital could do this fun stuff with me, like go to dance class and basketball games... then they would get better faster and not be sad." ~ Princess Lacey


   Lacey was only six years old when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer, a horrible disease that would paralyze her within 48 hours, take away the use of her entire lower body, rob her of her dignity, and change her life forever. Cancer would also try to steal Lacey's passion, dance. After a year of battling for her life and hundreds of hours of physical therapy, Lacey was given the beautiful gift of dancing again with private lessons customized just for her. This affected her in a tremendous way, giving her hope and joy in her darkest days. Lacey realized just how special of an experience this was and it was her wish to share this opportunity with the other children in the hospital. 

   To a child with cancer attaining success and victory is a crucial step on the long road set before them. We believe this journey should be approached with as much positive encouragement as possible. Hospital nights are long, each treatment is painful, and having your life change before your eyes is scary. Our goal at Princess Lacey's Legacy is to go to battle with these children by providing alternative therapies that bring JOY, LAUGHTER, and HAPPINESS. Having fun and learning is part of being a healthy child and we love to see these kids smile again! These are the smiles of great victory in its truest form. With us, each child can choose what therapy inspires them and therefore take a small measure of control in doing what they think is best for their hearts and recovery. Healing can happen in many ways! These beautiful, precious souls deserve every chance at a happy, healthy life and it is our goal to help provide these opportunities.